Book Review: Making Meaningful Lives: Tales from an Aging Japan


  • Theresa Southam Fielding Graduate University




Author Biography

Theresa Southam, Fielding Graduate University

Theresa Southam is the Chair of the Teaching and. Learning Institute at Selkirk College
and a doctoral candidate at Fielding Graduate University in the School of Human and
Organizational Development where she is also a Fellow of the Marie Fielder Center. The
author has two Masters of Arts: one in Intercultural Communication and another in
Human Development. By working with Penn State’s Intergenerational Leadership
Institute and focusing on creativity and wisdom in her PhD studies she has learned that
humans continue to develop, often with humour and insights that are provocative and
life-changing. Learn more about her research in this blog for the Association for
Anthropology, Gerontology and the Lifecourse and in this recent article she co-authored
for the Journal of Certified Senior Advisors. After graduation, Fall 2019, she will be
pursuing post-doctoral research fellowships and graduate teaching positions.
Theresa Southam and
Phone 250-354-1088


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