2009 American Anthropological Association Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Session on Culture, Health and Aging in Native North American Communities

Wayne Warry


Introduction: Wayne Warry

Marie’s Story Of Aging Well: Toward New Perspectives on the Experience Of Aging For Aboriginal Seniors in Canada
Syvia Abonyi Marie Favel, Ile a la Crosse

Mistreatment and the Meaning of Respect for Native Elders
Lori L. Jervis William Sconzert Hall

Forgetting and Forgotten: Dementia in Aboriginal Seniors
Kristen Jacklin and Wayne Warry

Understanding Aging: Culture, Cognitive Health and Contemporary Aboriginal People’s Experience with Dementia
Jessica Pace

Perspectives on Brain Autopsy, Diabetic Amputation, and End-of-Life Issues among Elderly American Indian People
       Neil Henderson, L. Carson Henderson, Ryan Blanton and Steven Gomez

Discussion: Robert C. Harman and Wayne Warry


conference report; health; dementia; Native Americans

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/aa.2012.47


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